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My grades have dramatically improved and I feel much more confident and in control of the material. I’m a visual learner, so Mira uses colourful graphs and drawings to explain and help me understand the different ideas. Mira has taught me new strategies and techniques that will help me succeed in any subject.


Your work with my daughter has really helped her, and most importantly she has less anxiety in terms of how she gets through her own work. Her grades have gone up significantly, and she feels like she’s really developing good study skills.


Mira is a breath of fresh air. My son has been to 2 different “homework/tutorial programs”, where his homework does get done, but the learning process was lacking. Mira’s philosophy of skills-based tutoring is simply cutting edge.


Thanks to Mira and her team, I not only managed to improve my marks, I also learned much more that I could apply to other classes. I’m treated with the utmost respect as soon as I walk in, and the main focus is on helping me succeed. Because of her, I am doing extremely well!


My son came home from his history tutorial yesterday and told us, “I really have such an appreciation for history, it’s so interesting.” I almost fell off my chair ;) I see such benefit from the focus and clarity he feels when he works one-on-one and he really appreciates the support. 


Overall, I truly loved the experience! My tutor was incredible. Mira was so great with keeping in touch and keeping everything in check which allowed me to stay organized and prepared. You guys were always there to offer an extra motivational pep talk which helped push me through!


Thanks for making learning fun! And thank you for all the wonderfully colourful post-its!


I learned to love exams!! Mira has helped me so much over the year!! I also learned that you shouldn't be stressed for a test or exam, just be prepared.